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Richard de Rivaz reports that popups with less than three options don't work with AWeb 3.4 and OS3.9 BB1. I can confirm this on my BVision and CGFX v3 but others on the OS3.9 list say they have no problems. Stephan Rupprecht who posts the fix below says that it depends on your font size.

2 options, this does not work:

3 options, this does work:

It turns out that this is a problem with the listbrowswer.gadget in sys:classes/gadgets, you must change two bytes:

From Tue, 03 Apr 2001 22:30:57 +0200
From: "Stephan Rupprecht"
Subject: [AmigaOS39] Re: Aweb Form Popups and BB1
Date: 3 Apr 2001 20:30:57 GMT

Hello Tom,

On 03-Apr-01, you wrote:

> It has been reported on the AWeb mailing list that BB1 causes problems
> with form popup selectors with less than 3 entries. I can confirm this.
> See http://amislave/

The problem here is a change to listbrowser.gadget. To fix this problem load the gadget into a hexeditor and look for the following hex numbers

0C6A 0023 0150
replace the 0023 with 000F

0C6A 001F 0152
replace the 001F with 000F

Stephan Rupprecht - Dortmund, Germany

You can use a hex editor, or you can use this patch file and spatch (inculded).