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AWeb is an Amiga web broswer. Development is lagging somewhat behind, and hindered by the rather crazy state of the web at the moment. It's major problem is that there are published standards which are either vague (in the case of javascript) or ignored (in the case of everything to some extent). Guessing what the defacto standards are is difficult without many eyes, and AWeb doesn't have enough eyes :-/

This collection of pages is mostly to do with making it easy for the developers to see what is wrong and whether or not they have fixed it. They haven't actualy said that it is useful, but I guess it must be.

Aweb Font Support Scripts

Javascript modifications of form data before posting

Redirects (usually used after processing a POST)

Header Fixing Proxy A simple proxy server to fix the redirect bug

Problems with OS3.9 Boing Bag 1 and form popups

WarpOS ILBM example Plugin

WarpOS JPEG Plugin

WarpOS GIF Plugin

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